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Get to know your Candidate Series: Part 2

Interviewed by Trudy Foland

We are talking today with David Thomas who is running for California State Assembly District 70 in Long Beach.

David, share with us some details about one of your most important life experiences to date, and how it changed you?

"One of my most sincere commitments was deciding to get married. That was one of the biggest things I had ever done in my life up to that point, and that commitment brought me some important life experiences.

When my wife became very sick, I learned how to take special care of her during her illness. I learned how important it was for me to be there to support her emotionally and physically, while on the other hand still running a successful business. I had workers that were also relying on me to show up each day, be engaged, and delegate work that needed to be completed against a deadline.

It was one of the most profound experiences of my life."

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