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Get to know your Candidate Series: Part 1

Written by Trudy Foland

David, What is an example of an accomplishment that you are particularly proud of?

"One of the biggest projects I ever accomplished was renovating my first big hotel in Los Angeles, the LA Sheraton Grand. I actually had to step in to an ongoing effort and take over a difficult job when someone passed away unexpectedly. There were really tight deadlines and budgets that had to be respected and managed.

Something I was very proud of was the fact that my team was able to turn out forty (40) completed rooms every twelve (12) days. That is a lot of strong teamwork, great communication, and commitment by everyone involved.

With pending time constraints, I then focused on how to tighten up the work load to achieve in five days what the team had been getting done in twelve days without over-working and burning out the team. Everyone learned how to work more efficiently within our time and cost budgets.

I was able to take everything that I learned on this fast-paced and high-pressured position and apply it to all my future building efforts focusing on strong project management skills, appropriate work delegation, while understanding budget considerations."

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