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Get to Know Your Candidate: Part 9

David, so expanding on the budgeting issue, what are some other thoughts and suggestions?

I think that a slower growth rate in regards to state bureaucracy might be something to consider. I do not think you can always grow your department without there being some sort of impact to the budget. If you grow the jobs, there is less money available to work on the actual problem at hand. There is only so much money allocated each year to the county. So, perhaps a 1% growth rate in jobs instead of 3% or more, and let the budget catch up to that. So, funds needed to address the problem are not redirected to cover salaries. People are always going to say there is need, and there is, but it must be balanced. I think the government should be run more like a household, where we do not overspend what we do not have, where we try to save money, where we function within a workable budget.

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