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Get to Know Your Candidate: Part 8

Ok David, tell us a little bit about how you see finances. What you would cut and why?

The previous administration believed in a lot of bureaucracy and that costs money. An example would be when a "homeless bureaucracy" was started a few years back in LA County. Basically one hundred new job positions were created to deal with the LA homeless situation. Now, all those positions have to be funded so people can be paid that hold those positions. Instead of using those funds to actually work towards providing shelter and such for the homeless, those funds are now being allocated for salaries. Then nothing happens to solve the actual problem because there are no funds left. I would like to streamline how the work gets done, how beds get assigned for the night, and how projects that actually would support the push to end homelessness gets prioritized and funded. It should not take six months to get a box of screws.

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