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Get to Know Your Candidate: Part 7

Okay, so David let's talk a little bit about your core values, what they are, and what are some of your personal motivations?

I am family guy, so family means a lot to me. Also, I try not to judge anyone. I've made some difficult choices in my life and learned from them, so I try to give others the benefit of the doubt. I would rather walk with them through their stuff and be supportive than judgemental. Also, financial issues are of importance especially when it comes to taxpayer funds. It's not really my money, but it is my job to be mindful of it and spend it responsibly in the manner to which it has been allocated. Also, I am a committed person, if I say I am going to do it, I will do it. It will get done.

What are some of your religious beliefs that help you make decisions?

I just believe that my personal values and morals, which are religious based, helps me make more honest decisions. This also impacts my business related decisions. I just believe that my core values are to serve God, to serve my community, and to serve the people in my life. This comes into play in a big way when it comes down to who is making the big business decisions.

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