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Get to Know Your Candidate: Part 6

Okay David, let's talk a little bit about your Church activities and why they are so important to you?

1994 I decided it was time to come back to the Lord. I walked into this small church in Bellflower and this little Dutch Lady walked up to me and said she had been praying for me, that I would find my way back to church, and that meant a lot to me. I decided that I could use my life experiences to support young kids in their Youth Ministry and help them not make the same mistakes I had. I worked with a Jr High group of kids, as well as a High School group of teenagers, sometimes as many as sixty kids would show up. It was a very popular program and the kids felt like they were supported and it was a safe environment for them to be a part of. I learned to tailor my expectations for each group, and I lead by example. I learned how to truly serve the needs of my students.

You are still involved with your Youth Ministry today?

Yes, but at a different level. After my wife passed away, I took some time away. But, several years ago I started back up in a limited capacity. I had a young man live with me for seven years who was facing some personal challenges at home and at school. I helped him finish high school, and he stayed until he was in a good place personally and professionally.

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